Friday 27 July 2012

Georgia's Tophop Outfit.....

Heyy Guys!

(Sorry the pictures blurry!!) 
So you may be wondering who am I!? Well I am Georgia, One half of BehindtheBeauty! ( And us and Becca have come up with an idea where we post once a month on each others blog,

It will be a fashion post! We will have a budget, an occasion and a shop! We will choose an outfit and post it on each others blog! So here is the first one of many!:')

Shop: Topshop
Price: £150
Occasion:Night out/Dressed up

So first of all seeing as it is a dressed up look, I started looking for a dress! I knew I wanted a girly dress with a leather jacket and killer heels to make it look more for a night out! So the dress that I found was this one! It is a gorgeous blue floral print dress, it comes to just above the knee and pinches you in at the waist which will make you look much more slimmer! It also has a zip down the back of the dress so it is not that noticeable! This dress costs £34, I think that, that is not a bad price for the dress seeing as though it is really nice and from Topshop!

So next I went to the jacket section and I was just scrolling through the leather jacket part and I spotted this! Although in the picture it is done up I would personally wear this undone! And I think this adds a it more of a dressy look to the dress! This costs £55!

Lastly I wanted to get a pair of black killer heels ad I selected heels then Black and these were one of the first pairs that came up! I instantly fell in love with them! I love how they have a really big heel and the croc skin texture just looks really lovely, and just adds an extra aspect to the outfit! These shoes cost £62 which is the most expensive part of the outfit, but they are just so nice!

So I kinda went over the budget by £1! But Oh well I'm sure everyone will possibly have a spare pound!
Total cost: £151
So thank you guys for reading! And thank you Becca for letting me post on your blog!
Georgia! xxx
 Twitter: @BehindtheBeautyBG


  1. Thankyou for posting! Your's is up on our blog! Dm on twitter about next months!:')xxx

    1. You're welcome - and thank you :)xx
      Will do :Dxx

  2. Hi I found you through BBU hop!
    your blog is great!
    please follow me back
    Mia xoxox